Anywhere The Needle Drops
Justin Flagel chats with artists of all levels and explores the thrills, challenges, and stories of being a creator, especially in the modern world. life is a story. live it. tell it.

Dena Woods, a wonderful talent and a big player the growing local music scene, chats with me at the Chicory Cafe in South Bend. Abby King of The Ember Jar hangs with us as well! It's the cream of the crop of the South Bend music scene!

You'll get to check out two tracks from Dena: Walk Away (before the chat) and Stay The Course (after the chat).

You can get even more from Dena at Bandcamp.


Hey folks. Got an event coming up? Let me know at and we might just mention your event on the episode preceding it. And speaking of:


The 13th Annual Niles Family Carnival & Bluegrass Festival
Thursday May 28th-Sunday May 31st
Vendors, arts, crafts, and, of course, americana music coming from the bandstand at the river

iRock Jazz Fest in New Buffalo
Friday May 29th-Saturday May 30th
Craft beer and wine, food vendors and all the jazz you can handle!

Dave Dale at Journeyman Distillery in Three Oaks
Saturday, May 30th

Meet Me On The Island from WVPE and The South Bend Museum Of Art
Friday, June 6th  5:30pm – 9:00pm
An evening of art, music, and libations on Island Park at Century Center featuring the amazing Billy Stix Nicks and The Motown Machine


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