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Justin Flagel chats with artists of all levels and explores the thrills, challenges, and stories of being a creator, especially in the modern world. life is a story. live it. tell it.

Dylan and I chatter on after seeing the latest in George Miller's Mad Max series.

We also go on about comic books movies, including the Fantastic Four and Superman Versus Batman, as well as video games old school and otherwise.

I reveal to Dylan just who it is that dresses me. And why is Dylan in the bathroom so long?


Here's the Batman v Superman article we discussed: Dark Horizons

Hey folks. Got an event coming up? Let me know at and we might just mention your event on the episode preceding it. And speaking of:


Three Oaks Flag Day Festival
Friday, June 12th-Sunday, June 14th

Lake Michigan Shore Wine Festival
Saturday June 20th, 1pm-10pm at Weko Beach, Bridgman, MI
Live music, food vendors, and, of course, wine testing from all of Southwestern Michigan's great wineries.

Lemon Creek's 31st Annual Father's Day Festival
Sunday June 21st, 12pm-6pm
Wine tasting and a Corvette show! Live music from Libido Funk Circus! Picnicking in the vineyards! Hay rides!

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