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Justin Flagel chats with artists of all levels and explores the thrills, challenges, and stories of being a creator, especially in the modern world. life is a story. live it. tell it.

It's The Breakdown. We're spinning off the Anywhere The Needle Drops segment where Dylan and I discuss the latest we're enjoying in pop culture.

Each week, Dylan and I dive into all we've been watching, reading, and playing. Each episode features a main event, the movie or other item we choose to really dig into.

In Episode 1, we tackle Jurassic World. There’s a ton of fun conversation about that and the entire Jurassic franchise, as well as plenty of other good gaming, reading, and watching we’ve been doing.

Going forward, the show will publish as it's own separate podcast every other Thursday, starting July 23. These episodes will hit the Web opposite weeks from Anywhere The Needle Drops, which will be switching to Thursdays, publishing opposite of The Breakdown.

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