Anywhere The Needle Drops
Justin Flagel chats with artists of all levels and explores the thrills, challenges, and stories of being a creator, especially in the modern world. life is a story. live it. tell it.

Justin sits with none other than Stephen "Brer Rabbit" of Flobots. They speak at length about activism, art, community, books, and music. It's an energized and emotional discussion.

You can check out the Flobots Kickstarter for the new "NOENEMIES" project here and keep up on all they've got going on at

This episode is the season finale of Anywhere The Needle Drops. We'll be taking a hiatus while we work on making this show even better and while we tackle some new projects at Red Chuck Productions. Stay tuned to the website and the podcast feed for updates on all of the fun stuff to come.

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